Looking for a nice gift for business relations, a stylish present for staff, or a suitable thank you after doing succesfull business?

Champagnes produced by famous houses, or even from small producers: they're always a great gift. l'Atelier du Champagne makes all kinds of festive packages with different price tags.

Giftboxes are available as from € 40,- 

  • bottle of champagne in giftbox
  • bottle of champagne + 2 champagne glasses in giftbox
  • 3 bottles in giftbox
  • magnum bottle in giftbox
  • gift certificate, to be spent on champagne or champagne tastings
Also good to know:

All packages can be delivered inside and outside Amsterdam, usually within 1 day.

Tasting champagne together with staff or business partners? We also offer champagne tastings according to your budget. For more information check Tastings in the option menu.
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