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Over the last twenty years, champagne has revitalized into a lively realm of fresh ideas, which we, at L’Atelier du Champagne, cherish and embrace. Growers have taken the vine to wine, pioneering in the craft of champagne instead of solely selling their grapes to renowned champagne houses. Through new techniques and tastes, the growers have mastered bubbles with more spark: A surprise and delight for any champagne admirer.

The bubble is booming. A flow of fresh ideas led established champagne brands to reinvent their classics, whilst still guaranteeing the integrity and finesse we expect. These Savoir Faire masters are experimenting with different dosages, launching several new cuvees and refreshing their look with new labels and packaging.

L’Atelier du Champagne caters to champagne lovers. At our atelier, you can stick to the classics or try new flavors, with champagnes from both growers and brands. It’s about much more than just buying a bottle, you can learn about the harvests and vinification, the farmers and more simple queries such as what dish pairs well with a sip of champagne. Now, shall we let the bubbles do the rest of the talking?


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